Meet Your Tutor

Welcome! I'm Jasmina Susak, your dedicated colored pencil tutor. My artistic journey has been fueled by a passion for transforming drawings into lifelike images.

Initially immersed in the world of graphite, I eventually ventured into the realm of colored pencils, and the rest is history. My experience in creating diverse values with graphite shades laid a strong foundation for developing my own techniques in the realm of colored pencils. Now, I'm thrilled to share my knowledge and skills with you through a series of tutorials meticulously crafted over the years.
colored pencil drawing giraffe reference photo realism

Whether you're an absolute beginner or seeking to refine your skills, there's a tutorial for you. As you progress, you'll discover increasingly challenging tutorials designed to elevate your artistic skill. I've poured all my wisdom into these lessons, offering tips, tricks, and techniques that anyone can grasp. I'm continuously creating new tutorials to keep your creative journey vibrant with fresh content.

Join me on this artistic adventure, starting with the basics and advancing toward more intricate creations. I'm here to guide you, providing personalized tips and advice to analyze your workflow and foster your progress. I hope you'll join our creative community, and I look forward to drawing with you. Welcome aboard!

colored pencil drawing giraffe reference photo realism